Who are we?

We are a small UK-based team of hobbyist developers who create assets for Unity Game Engine. We've released assets on the Unity Asset Store. We specialize in creating simple and easy-to-use extensions for the Unity Editor, speeding up the boring parts of the game development process.

Our Assets:

Database Control Pro (DCP)

The perfect solution for creating online databases and a server backend for your game or app. Create and implement complex account systems, saving and loading, in-game news, online chats, ... and so much more. There really is no limit!

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Race Positioning System (RPS)

Turn your scene into a race. RPS calculates Race Standings at runtime. Provides many optional features including Laps and Checkpoints. Supports all race types for any kind of moving object. Includes demo scenes for cars, people and airplanes.

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Instant Dialogue System (IDS)

Coming Soon

Add a Dialogue System to your scene in minutes and bring your characters to life! IDS is built on top of our own Animation System for beautiful, smooth transitions. It uses TextMeshPro for equally good-looking text.
10 tutorial videos and over 20 demo scenes.

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Database Control (Free)

Add User Accounts to your game in seconds. Quick and Easy Online Database. Create a database and use it for usernames, passwords and another text variable for an unlimited number of accounts. We provide the hosting fo free. Demo Scene included.

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Sudoku Solver

A Sudoku Solver written in Unity. Solve any Sudoku in seconds on any platform (including mobile). It based on an efficient backtracking algorithm and is a great learning resource.

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Basic Code Editor

This asset provides an Editor Window, which allows you to view, edit and save text files and code files within the Unity Editor. It is perfect for quickly making changes to code without having to go into a different application. It is also a good tool for creating things like todo lists in your project.

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New Website! 28th June

We've updated and moved our website. This allows us to keep all our resources in one place. We hope you like the new design!
The only 3rd party resource we used to develop the site is the CSS framework called MaterializeCSS. You can learn more about it here.
If you are interested in developing your own website using MaterializeCSS, take a look at a tutorial series we made here.

IDS Development Complete 2nd June

We've finished developing the core of our latest asset for the Unity Asset Store. It's called the Instant Dialogue System and allows you to add a dialogue system to you scene in minutes. It's built on top of our own Animation System for a range of beautiful and smooth transitions. Find out more here.
Before we can release it, we need to write the documentation and make some tutorial videos. ETA is sometime within the next 2 months.

Freelance Now Available 20th May

We're now happy to help you on your latest projects. Making sure you meet your deadlines and extending your team. If you would like to hire us as freelancer fill in the form here. We are happy to work on projects that go beyond Unity. If you need server technology for your game/app which Database Control Pro cannot provide then we are the people to ask!
We are seeking experience so our prices are very low. We can provide more information on request.