Database Control (Free)

Database Control (Free)


Database Control (Free) is a quick and easy solution for an online user account database in your game. We give you the ability to create a database and use it for usernames, passwords and another text variable for an unlimited number of accounts.

It is a completley different system to Database Control Pro and has many features missing, but we believe it is the best free database system available to Unity developers.

It takes minutes to setup and supports Unity 4.6 or later. It comes with a C# demo scenes which is a simple login system. It also has a pdf documentation to help you.

If you want to have a much more secure, flexable and limitless database system which you can use for complex user accounts any any other kind of database storage, then you should try Database Control Pro.

Try the Demo Before Downloading:

Tutorial Videos:

Youtube Channel

Setup Tutorial

If it is your first time using Database Control (Free), make sure you watch this video. It takes you through the steps of getting the demo scene working.

Multiple Scenes Tutorial

After being requested by a user, we created this tutorial to show you how to use multiple scenes with Database Control (Free).

This means the player only has to login once and their data can be saved and loaded in any scene.

Need Something More?

Try our other asset Database Control Pro. If that is not enough you could even Hire us as Freelancers